The Stained Glass Company


About Us

IWF was established in 1963 by Ian Wilton. IWF was chosen to represent Ian Wilton family as a trading name. Obviously, we are a family business.

Already running a successful international business, he wanted to experiment with various commercial ideas and to allow him to develop a business trading only in things that interested him.

Neil explains about the business and hears from happy customers

Following Ian’s principles various successful business ideas were tried over the years. In the 1980s the current owner, son Neil Wilton, came to the business to start making and selling tools for stained glass workers. This developed into a successful Stained Glass Centre in Newcastle where stained craft tools, glass and materials were sold.

Adding evening classes boosted craft customers. Many Stained Glass commissions were undertaken too, some originated by class attendees who now appreciated the skills involved.

During this time, we were approached by one or two museums who, while they were buying our tools, were looking for a better way to display their stained glass collections. Wooden frames were bad for the conservation of the lead and were intrusive and often unsightly. From this small beginning we have become specialists in displaying, storing and lighting stained glass.

We have a wide range of clients and each has different needs, criteria and budgets.

We have provided systems for plaster friezes, tapestries and even a traveling “Street Furniture” display as well as our regular specialism of Framing and Lighting Stained Glass.