Andrew Morley - So Near & Yet So Far

Andrew is probably the world’s leading expert on “Street Jewellery”. In fact he coined the term and as well as writing books on the subject, has a vast collection of these enamel signs.

You can learn more from Andrew here.

The brief was to design and make a framing system that would allow the signs to be able to safely travel. He had assembled an exhibition that would travel the country’s museums for 3 years. The frames had to not be intrusive visually, be strong and protective, be easy to hang, be light and fit a budget. We managed it and you can see a few images from the Falkirk exhibition.
As you can see, Andrew was delighted with the finished result.

Many of the signs on display were restored and rather fragile. Many were very rare and irreplaceable.

They don’t look it in this photo, but these were large signs!

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