Project: Burrell Museum - Glasgow

A primary consideration for the Burrell Collection is storage for Stained Glass not on permanent display. The framed panels are mounted on a slide-out racking system that allows maximum storage with maximum access to the glass. Students can examine the glass with a minimum chance of disturbing anything. If the glass is needed for display, the support hangers can be removed without needing to touch the glass.

The hanger in close-up

Pieces for inspection can be easily and safely lifted from the storage racking.

The full comprehensive racking system we had to adapt to.

You can fit a lot of stained glass on both sides of this racking – very efficient and safe

Stained glass ready for framing and fitting into the efficient racking system. This is not ideal as it is vulnerable to damage and sagging etc. But this is a good temporary solution until full framing can be arranged.

An Indian timber framed frieze work supported in one of our adapted frames.

We get some strange objects to frame – but we’ve never been stumped yet!

The Senior Conservator, Marie Stumpff inspecting our frames and the quick release support system made for the Collection. We work very closely with our clients and between us can usually find an effective solution to tricky challenges.

A view from below showing panel wired to backing perspex.

We love a challenge. So even if you think your needs might be unworkable, get in touch. We can probably make it a reality!