Edinburgh College of Art

In the heart of Edinburgh – a very old building with very modern students… link here.

This stained glass was to be relocated from a remote room to be put on display in the foyer of the college. Mounted in front of a large door that covered access to the heating system, it needed to be mounted up at a height to look correct, then needed to stand away from the wall it was in front of,
to permit access to the heating controls and equipment.

These are CAD (Computer aided design) visuals – we often do these so the client can see what the finished system will actually look like.

With CAD it is possible to view from directions not normally possible.

Trying out the CAD frame for size & scale prior to submission to the client.

How we get the stained glass at the start. In this case some light restoration and cleaning was needed first. Often panels are not “square” and this needs correcting before to installing it.

The prepared and framed stained glass – ready for it’s debut….

Whilst it was a tall system it only took a few minutes to actually fit the fascia and tidy up.

Another happy client oversees the finished installation.

The entrance foyer is large so for all the panel is large too, and the support structure tall, it is perfectly in keeping and scale with its grand surroundings. Even while we were installing this, students were stopping and admiring it.

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