Greenwich Heritage Centre

The centre is a very importance location for maritime history and learning.
Their website explains it in full here.

Removed from a window over the entrance to an old building, this large panel was crated and stored for years in a cellar. Here we are uncrating and examining the glass to see just what is needed.

As it lay in the cellar with a single bulb behind. Great potential….

This shows the rear of the panel fitted to the fascia of the lighting unit. The main black area is an 8mm aluminium alloy sheet with the shape of the panel cut out.

Finally the day of the installation – and this was heavy and over a gap….

A few finishing touches as the fascia is screwed in place.
The main lighting unit was already fastened to the wall and wired in by the centre’s own staff.

Installed but with the lights off.

With the lights on it comes to life. Even in bright sunlight.
These are often best installed in subdued lighting areas so they are not drowned out by natural light.

This was a hard project to photograph as it is so close as you walk up the stairs. But this image captures the close intimacy you get when you take time out to stop and enjoy the craftsmanship.

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