Project: Maryhill Burgh Halls

Located in Glasgow the Maryhill Burgh Halls underwent a total rebuild in 2012. We were asked to come up with a method of preserving and protecting the restored Stained Glass, while displaying with a minimalistic style.

The graphic for initial consideration looked like this.

These are a few images of the completed projects.

The stained glass was originally in this building but was removed when it became rundown.

For this project it was fully restored and looks really beautiful, each being of a trade from the days when the Halls were first built.


The result is a large spacious and airy community hall, with the Stained Glass on full display, while being conserved and protected from damage.

This panel is displayed in the entrance area of the foyer. It is in its own climate protected frame with toughened glass to the front. As it is exposed to heat and cold every moment, changes create condensation in standard installations. With the Stained Glass being completely sealed inside, with water absorbing gel inserts, the panel is immune to these changes and effects.

Lighting is from a single light inside the under stairs cupboard, being easily replaced when needed.

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