Project: Newcastle RVI Neo Natal Ward

The first illuminated system we ever made was for the Neo-natal ward at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.
We designed the Stained Glass with Phil Crook of Vitrail Stained Glass and once
he had made it, we fitted it in our lighting system.

The glass artist works from his cartoon for painting and cutting.

This picture from a postcard made at the time says it was made in memory of a hospital colleague who had sadly died. The image was of a Mediterranean scene with a balcony scene, giving the impression that someone has just left. Perhaps to return again soon.

The effect was dramatic. Mounted on the end wall of a short corridor, it rather looked like a real scene and glowed and cheered the surrounding area. We were pleased that the edge illumination was so even and smooth.

We love a challenge. So even if you think your needs might be unworkable, get in touch. We can probably make it a reality!