North Ormesby Health Village

We were asked to adapt the stained glass from the original cottage hospital so it could be displayed in the new buildings.

The whole story is very well explained by

The original hospital prior to demolition in 1981.

The original location of the Stained Glass allowed taller windows than could fit in the height of the new rooms. Some of the outer glass was removed and the panels restored.

We asked the wizards at York Glaziers Trust to shorten the panels. Once they were a practical size we made the frames and lighting systems and the hospital maintenance then fitted the main units.

We only needed to turn up with the framed stained glass, fit it into our lighting units and refit the fascia covers. All done and pleased as punch….

This picture is of the opening ceremony as recorded by and courtesy of as are the two black and white photographs above.

Take a look at our variety of ways we can display the stained glass…