Schnütgen Museum - Cologne

You can see their website here.

We were asked to supply storage and display frames for a batch of V&A Stained Glass that was to go on loan to the Schnütgen Museum. Terry Bloxham, Assistant Curator traveled with these panels when they were sent for installation. These are her photographs of the installation and display.

It is important to be aware of the conservation requirements of the stained glass while you are designing and installing the panels. As are already protected in display frames they are much easier to transport, handle and thus install.

After much building and assembling the whole display is ready for the public.

An interesting photo (to transporters of stained glass) showing the V&A packing cases made to house the precious stained glass mounted in our frames. These packing crates were designed and made by Glasmalerei Peters Studios of Paderborn Germany. Most of the glass in the display is priceless and all irreplaceable. This is what it takes to do the job properly.

Take a look at our variety of ways we can display the stained glass…