Project: The Victoria & Albert Museum

Please note – all images are copyright IWF Ltd
and are reproduced here courtesy of The Victoria & Albert Museum, London
As stained glass is finally restored by the conservators, it is vunerable and fragile. Without a permanent support frame it would need to be kept flat, horizontal, making further study, movements etc a risky process.

This basic frame is strong and light, uses no welds that might fail under tension or adhesives that may fail over time. The clamping arrangement is sympathetic to the various perimeter lead thicknesses and the whole frame is custom made to fit precisely.

Once framed, this (sometimes priceless) object can be stored vertically. It can have a protective polycarbonate front or rear sheet and may even be directly wired to this for additional support. The glass can breathe freely. A framed panel can allow immediate display, storage or transportation with the stained glass safe and allowing installations to be handled by non conservation staff.

Sherrie Eatman is the Senior Stained Glass Conservator at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The frame below has been made with infill pieces to support the shaped top. The infill pieces fit into the heart of the perimeter leads.

A display designed to fit around a wall of light behind the shop area. Each panel is individually framed and mounted in these custom built support structures.

Below: A fascia frame made from 8mm thick alloy sheet and designed to fasten into a large steel structure in the Sacred Silver Gallery. We were asked to design these frames so they would actually form an integral part of the finished display, and these were actually visible.

Below: Detail without flash photography illustrating how the glass appears independent of its surroundings.

With most of our systems, once the installation is complete, you never notice the frames or mounts.
A pity as you miss the craftsmanship of our work – but it does it’s job well, making the Stained Glass look stunning as well as being safe and secure.

A look along the V&A Sacred Silver and Stained Glass Gallery showing many fascia frames.

A beautiful combination of Stained Glass and Silver in display cabinets – stunning.

Standard frames on this side are set into a backlit wall.

The detail in this stained glass has to be seen in the flesh to really appreciate it. If you have yet to visit the V&A museum, you must make it a priority. They truly hold some of the world’s finest treasures.
Go on your own so you won’t be distracted – take a whole day – it’ll blow your mind.
It even has it’s own Underground Station – so no excuses…..

A clever system was devised where natural light displays the glass in the daytime with LED lighting taking over when evening falls.

We love a challenge. So even if you think your needs might be unworkable, get in touch. We can probably make it a reality!