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The Stained Glass Display Company have been designing and manufacturing Stained Glass support and display frames since 1978. Whether the project is to create a stunning illuminated display system, or to craft a professional handling frame for a museum artifact, the Stained Glass Display Company are the leaders in their field. They have delivered hundreds of solutions to clients such as museums, churches, schools, hospitals, businesses and private homes all around the globe.

The frames are always of a very high quality. We’re able to use them for display, for storage and to add more support to the panels. The Stained Glass Display Company are very trustworthy and are an excellent company to work with.

Sherrie Eatman

Head Stained Glass Conservator,  Victoria & Albert Museum

Owning Stained Glass artwork was once only an option for a very select few; those with a suitable window already in place or who were prepared to form one in a wall. Today you can choose to have any historic, contemporary or brand new Stained Glass professionally framed, back lit and hung on a wall like a picture frame. TSGDC Framing systems are strong, conservation-friendly (kind to the Stained Glass) and are customisable to fit specific client briefs, situations and needs. The framing systems are essentially premium, bespoke wall-hanging lightboxes, featuring top of the line lighting technology. The high-quality, slimline, illuminated LED panels are custom-made for each system. The lighting technology is bright but dimmable, cool, energy efficient and features a natural daylight colour temperature with an extremely long life, estimated at 50,000 hours, at the end of which replacement is simple. If your Stained Glass needs any TLC or restoration work, the Stained Glass Display Company are partnered with many respected artists and conservators who can assist you.

An illuminated Stained Glass frame is a real statement for any home or facility. It’s a breathtaking focal-point, which adds value to a property but could also be taken to a new location, as with any traditional artwork. The framing systems have been designed and evolved over decades in collaboration with leading industry experts from elite institutions and museums around the world. With a Stained Glass Display Company system you’re investing in a museum-grade, one-stop, turn-key solution that will perfectly display your artwork, while caring for it. Why not get in touch today to have a chat about how The Stained Glass Display Company could help you?