Museums and Religious Institutions are two of the sectors that most regularly find themselves with Stained Glass in need of specialist framing.

Museums may find that they have precious historical panels which need secure framing to assist in keeping them safe and secure. This might be for display to the public, but often it’s also just to offer them structural support, keeping them safe in storage. Some museums may have a few pieces in their collection, others have thousands. The value of these pieces can not be underestimated and the quality of frame design and build is imperative.

Another challenge that often crops up is also the desire for museums to lend out their panels to other museums around the globe. SGDC frames are generally very strong, secure and can be designed in such a way that they can be shipped from one location to another. Some illuminated frames have even been built to specially house a variety of panels on different occasions, allowing museums to rotate their exhibits.

Religious Institutions on the other hand, such as Churches, usually have their Stained Glass in windows! This isn’t always the case though. A building may be renovated, or demolished, requiring old panels to have new methods of display. The windows are often so precious that they are carefully removed, but what new building has windows of the correct size and scale to fit the panels? The Stained Glass Display Company can take a traditional window and give it a new lease of life as an illuminated panel on a wall.

Below are examples of some of the Museums and Religious Institutions that the Stained Glass Display Company have provided solutions for.