The effect is subtle and quite suited to a gallery environment

The Stained Glass Company

We have been supplying Stained Glass support and display frames since 1978.

There is very little we cannot undertake and as well as Stained Glass, we have provided systems for plaster friezes and even a traveling “Street Furniture” display. We love a challenge. So even if you think your needs might be unworkable, get in touch. We can probably make it a reality.

What will it cost to frame and light my stained glass?

Pricing is obviously relative to what you, the client requires.
Factors we consider when working out costs are:

  • the sizes of the Stained Glass
  • the shape and nature of the Stained Glass
  • any work to repair or clean the Stained Glass before display
  • how it is to be framed – style you choose
  • any special modifications
  • is safety glass protection required
  • what type of lighting controls are chosen
  • the nature and type of any site visits
  • transportation and delivery costs
  • urgency – less hurry means we can often share different project expenses

It seems daunting but we work all this out and work with the client to minimise unnecessary costs. Where it is possible, we often combine transportation and visits between different active projects. This can save or even eliminate site visit costs and delivery expenses.

So a small simple job done by phone and mail can cost just a few hundred pounds.
As you would expect, a complex or large project involving much moving of Stained Glass and site visits can be many thousands of pounds.
We can handle all manner of these types of project comfortably. We will work closely with you to ensure no time or resources are wasted and you always get the best value for money. If you want to undertake part of the work yourself we will be pleased to work this in as well.

Installation Costs

We have designed and formed our systems to minimise the work required to install our systems. We have simplified mounting methods so the client can fit, or arrange a local tradesman, to carry out the full install.
With this in mind we don’t do the installation ourselves. We can, where needed, assist on site but this is mostly unnecessary.
With most of our illuminated systems the wiring up is as simple as plugging it in. On other project an electrician may be required. We will advise.
The mounting is often as simple as fixing a special mounting plate to the wall and then just lifting the framed Stained Glass into place.