As well as museums, churches, educational establishments and all manner of other businesses and institutions, the Stained Glass Display Company also produce work for private clients. Anyone with a vision can now frame, illuminate and display a Stained Glass panel in their home, office or private building. This glass might be a family heirloom, a loved panel won at auction or even a bespoke piece that has been commissioned.

An ever-increasing number of architects, interior designers and VIPs are discovering the powerful artistic statement of a wall-hung, illuminated Stained Glass panel. It’s the most astonishing combination of classical art-work in a contemporary setting.

There is also an increasing number of auction-houses who are realising the potential of a SGDC illuminated frame. Stained Glass panels that had little worth due to their orphaned state, now have a path to being a valuable, sought after artifact. The Stained Glass Display Company have supplied frames to a wide range of respected clients with stately homes, estates, private homes and offices.

Below are examples of some of the Private work that the Stained Glass Display Company have delivered.