Ann Marsh Stained Glass

Ann Marsh, stained glass conservator, was asked to install an Armorial panel of stained Glass by a local church, but was not allowed to fix or drill into the masonary!


The frame was finally fastened in place by securing it to existing support bars top and bottom. Even though our frame is independent of its surroundings, the glass is secure even though the frame is only lightly attached.

Even tough the client’s specification was quite precise, we were able to satisfy all requirements with our standard system….

Armorial Panel Frame design proposal – the frame will sit between the
support (saddle bars) already set into the masonry, the weight of the panel is spread over
its surface and should not put any undue stress on the bars.
It is necessary to have at least 20-25 mm between the back of the panel and the existing
window to allow ventilation (circulation) of air. The inclusion of ventilation holes should
prevent any build up of condensation. The frame will project forward of the bars slightly,
but should not be unsightly or prevent viewing of the panel.

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