Cannon-MacInnes Stained Glass

When the experts in the Stained Glass industry specify us as their preferred supplier of frames for Stained Glass display, you know you’re doing things right!

Rab MacInnes and Linda Cannon are very experienced in restoring and creating Stained Glass.

This project was quite a simple one for us – “Make a support frame to allow us to transport and display our finished restoration”. Linda knows it’s what we do as a standard.

But what about the clever work that is going on before we are entrusted to supply the frame….

Have a look at the Cannon-MacInnes Stained Glass website to see just how
meticulous the whole restoration process is:-

And here is our support frame to protect all that hard work and the heritage….

No adhesives or welds are ever used as these might compromise the integrity of the long term protection of the Stained Glass.

The paint is powder coating for its logevity and inert qualities. The frame is made of lightweight aluminium alloy for strength, lightness and again, inert qualities. The bars holding the Stained Glass in place are called clamp bars. Below is the detail in the corner of the frame.

The frame from the front. Not a lot to see, but that’s the whole point!





Take a look at our variety of ways we can display the stained glass…