Here are images from two different private homes in the London area.

In one home, the owners had arranged for major building work to modify their kitchen and the downstairs area. The building work meant that some of the Stained Glass windows were now orphaned, as the window space no longer existed. The owners loved the Stained Glass and were keen to retain it if at all possible. They commissioned the Stained Glass Display Company to be frame and illuminate the Stained Glass, which now resides strikingly above the fireplace.

In the second private home, the Stained Glass Display Company were asked to create a frame which could be illuminated and hung on a wall near the staircase. The client was so pleased that, a year later, they purchased another panel with the specific intention of framing and showcasing it in their living room.

Neil worked his magic on a treasured old window, His team restored, revitalised and reframed it. It is now the centrepiece display in our new living room – absolute genius!

Tamara Feldman

Private Home, London