Private Residence York

The client prefers to remain anonymous.

These two treasured stained glass panels were brought North when Judith and Richard Bailey moved North to York. The installation of orphan (but treasured) stained glass brings various challenges for the owner. Where can it be fitted – unlikely to go back in a window that fits exactly. How to smarten it up and how to look after it for the future to enjoy. What are it’s chances of survival if it is just packed away without proper storage provision. We often have to repair sections of glass prior to beginning framing.

We took the two panels, from a pair of large top and bottom sash windows, and joined them into one panel.
(you can perhaps see the join about half way down)
We made the frames to support it and the lighting unit to hold and display it. Once installed it became a focal point and feature in this dining room.

With the lights out.

Lights on. It’s amazing how alive stained glass becomes after proper even illumination.

The delighted clients admiring the final installation of their cherished stained glass windows…. The whole system is less than 2 inches thick (50mm) If they later move, they can arrange to take the whole system with them with easy re-installation.

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