York Minster is one of the grandest and most important cathedrals in the world. The Minster was built to celebrate God, and Christianity and has been a thriving Church since the 7th Century through to today. People have travelled from around the globe to visit the Minster for over 1000 years.

We have worked for the Minster through the York Glaziers Trust who are a charitable trust, whose purpose is to look after the Minster glass and associated work.

Neil Wilton, director of the Stained Glass Display Company, has a long-standing relationship with the many master craftsmen at the YGT. In 2012, the Minster unveiled “The Orb”: an ambitious 33ft steel structure housing medieval Stained Glass panels. The Stained Glass Display Company designed and manufactured the frames within the Orb which house and illuminate the Stained Glass panels.
The project was an enormous success witnessed by over a million visitors and with an impressive global news reach. It was challenging in that forty different sized Stained Glass windows were rotated over time within just three frames. The frames were specifically designed to manage these different sized panels, allowing for a simple and speedy swap as the monthly display exchange was carried out. Many windows that had never been viewed by the public previously, due to their height in the Minster, could now be admired up close.

Neil has made and commissioned numerous stained glass panels and windows over many years, which has given him invaluable first-hand knowledge and understanding of the complexity and requirements needed to do this difficult job well. Each stained glass project and installation undoubtedly present new challenges, yet in every case Neil has managed to produce splendid displays, which are always sensitive to the conservation requirements of this fragile medium.

Nick Teed

Conservation Manager, York Glaziers Trust