Solutions – through engineering and innovation

The Stained Glass Display Company pride themselves in finding solutions through engineering and innovation. Every single Stained Glass panel is different, whether it be in size, weight, thickness, curvature, shape, lead type, strength and any other number of potential factors. Clients contact the SGDC with questions such as “how can I frame Stained Glass” or “who can display Stained Glass for me”, but it’s not long before a lot of other questions arise from this. Whatever the specification and circumstances of a project, the Stained Glass Display Company are uniquely placed to offer great solutions through their experience, extensive understanding of engineering and their innovative spirit.

Stained Glass solutions

Over the years the Stained Glass Display Company have found solutions to work that has been an irregular shape, or has no outer lead. They’ve housed work that has a non-uniform thickness, pieces that have needed saddle bars for strength and even panels that are weak enough to require safety glass on either side. At times, a specialist frame is required for other reasons. The SGDC have created illuminated frames that can house a number of different shaped panels, allowing a museum to rotate their collection, or transportable frames allowing panels to travel distances.

Stained Glass, by its nature, is a challenging art-work to deal with. It’s fragile, heavy and any frame needs to really look after it and not risk damaging it. In addition, Stained Glass is designed to be seen with light shining through it, so a frame does require an illuminating element of some form if on display. All SGDC frames are designed to safely and securely house the Stained Glass. SGDC frames have been designed in conjunction with experts at the V&A, The Burrell and York Minster, meaning that as well as being structurally sound for the Stained Glass, they are also made of inert materials that conservators are happy will not damage or endanger the artwork. Frames are specially designed to have stress-loaded rivetted corners, ensuring that frames house the glass correctly.

All frames are designed, manufactured and delivered through a blend of very traditional disciplines (measuring, linishing, riveting) and modern techniques (CAD, computer calculated job sheets, laser cutting). The SGDC are always looking at new ways of achieving results, while never losing sight of what has worked so well in the past.

While the services of the Stained Glass Display Company are not cheap it is of tremendous value. Any cowboy or DIY fanatic can have an attempt at making their own illuminated panel for Stained Glass. Where the Stained Glass Display Company come into their own is their unrivalled knowledge, experience and ability with handling, framing and displaying valuable panels. Neil Wilton (the company director) has quite literally written the book on the subject! There have been many occasions where Neil and his team have been called in to build a system to replace a shoddy homemade attempt. Usually they get there soon enough that no lasting damage has been done to the panel.

When someone has Stained Glass in need of housing, illuminating or another engineering solution, the Stained Glass Display Company are simply the people to contact.

This should appeal to interior designers and architects alike, who will find inspiration in Neil’s work. Neil is as passionate about reviving interest in the magnificent art of stained glass as he is about finding the solutions necessary to display it well, for which he is to be heartily commended.

Nick Teed

Conservation Manager, York Glaziers Trust