Specialists in Stained Glass

Neil was friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and clearly he understood how to deal with conservation needs

Michael Wood

College Secretary, Edinburgh Collect of Art

The Stained Glass Display Company are the experts to talk to with regards framing and illuminating glass, but they’re actually Stained Glass specialists even outside of framing. Company Director Neil Wilton established and ran “The North East Stained Glass Centre” in Newcastle upon Tyne for many years, supplying, supporting and educating glass craftspeople and artists.

Neil, his team and colleagues also restored, renovated and repaired panels across the United Kingdom. These days most Stained Glass work in need of TLC is handed by the SGDC to carefully selected conservators and specialists that Neil has worked with over the years. Whether a panel needs fully restoring, or just a little cleaning, the Stained Glass Display Company are connected with the best people in the industry.

Neil Wilton (The Stained Glass Display Company) and Phil Crook (Vitrail Studios)

Neil Wilton with Phil Crook of Vitrail Studios

With deep backgrounds in both engineering and Stained Glass, Neil has spent over 40 years consulting and informing on systems, methods and solutions for Stained Glass designs and challenges. The Stained Glass Display Company have devised, designed, manufactured and delivered framing solutions and lighting systems for Stained Glass panels to respected clients from Newcastle upon Tyne to New York and all over the world inbetween. Clients include elite museums, schools, businesses, establishments and private homes.

The framing of Stained Glass is that it’s the sort of task that many people feel they can easily turn their hand to. The reality is that it’s a very specialised and precise engineering undertaking and Stained Glass with a value (finanical or sentimental) deserves to be dealt with the utmost of care and that it’s long-term health has been throughly considered. The unique, bespoke museum-grade Stained Glass systems manufactured by TSGDC have many advantages over homemade/non-specialised efforts. The frames are made from conservator friendly inert materials which also assist in cooling panels while being both lightweight and strong. Frame designs benefit from mechanical fixings with pre-stressed assemblies, to help ensure precise, reliable construction with inbuilt mechanical redundancy. The bespoke nature of the clamping system enables Stained Glass with mixed thicknesses/saddle bars to be securely supported. The wall-mounting system enables frames to be easily hung like a picture, while additional options for security or easy transport are also available. Finally the inert powder-coated paint finish is available in many colour options, though black or dark grey is typically chosen to help your Stained Glass to best stand out.

Neil Wilton, Stained Glass Specialist, with a Stained Glass Lighting Frame

Neil Wilton with one of his frame systems


Additionally, if you were looking to commission an original piece of Stained Glass artwork, the SGDC are able to make connect you with world-class artists (such as Phil Crook of Vitrail Studios as pictured). Whether you are after a very traditional biblical or medieval style, or a modern design, there’s no limit on the scope of what can be created. Design, size, shape, style; anything can be explored and discussed. Past designs have included traditional figures, landscapes and nature scenes as well as modern designs such as abstract-art, dragons and even Spider-Man! When your work is complete, the Stained Glass Display Company will be there to house and frame it in the best possible light and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your panel is cared for today and for the long term.

The frame is of a very high quality, it’s very robust so there’s no worries about the Stained Glass getting damaged.

Mary Edwards

Head Stained Glass Conservator, Greenwich Heritage Centre